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Compare Gyms in Adelaide that are located in Adelaide CBD and are located in the city of Adelaide. Many fitness centres are now 24 hour gyms and offer affordable membership prices and plans.

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The Comparisons as of 3/3/15

Health & Fitness Centre Swimming Pool Aqua Water Aerobics Personal Trainers Group Fitness Classes Per Week Per Month Per Year 24 Hour Gym Supplements
Blackwood Fitness - 24 Hour Gym Yes Yes Yes Yes $6.95 $20.95 $155.00 Yes Yes
City Gym Health & Fitness Centre No No Yes No $20.00 $80.00 $960.00 No No
CASA Leisure (Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre) No No Yes Yes NA NA NA No No
Healthworks Fitness Centre Marden No No Yes Yes $22.50 $90.00 $499 No No
North Adelaide Fitness Centre No No Yes Yes $12.95 NA NA No No
Brighton Fitness Centre No No Yes Yes NA NA NA No No
Your World Fitness No No Yes Yes $18.95 $75.00 $985.40 No No
Anytime Fitness No No Yes No $14.00 $56.00 $728.00 Yes No
Fernwood Women's Fitness Adelaide City No No Yes Yes $22.00 $88.00 $1144.00 No No
Goodlife Health Clubs No No Yes Yes $16.95 $80.00 $960.40 No No
Jetts Fitness Australia No No Yes No $13.95 $55.80 $795.00 Yes No

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Blackwood Fitness

Blackwood Fitness is one of the largest, fastest growing Health and Fitness Centres in South Australia and from our information is, by far, the best value for money.

Adelaide's largest 24 hour gym and fitness centre and in regular hours has over 120 Group Fitness classes per week, 4 group fitness studios, 2 large gyms with pin loaded gym equipment and free weights and much much more.

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blackwood fitness

Blackwood Fitness Testimonials

We would like to give some feedback about how great the RPM classes are at the gym. We started going to the gym for the first time ever, earlier this year and started with RPM. We keep meaning to try a different class but find we always go to RPM as we enjoy them so much. We mostly go in the evenings and on the weekends and have found all the instructors welcoming, helpful and encouraging.

The staff at the front desk are always friendly and welcoming as well which adds to the overall experience.

Testimonial by Marg

As a member of Blackwood Fitness for 11 years I highly recommend the WORK ETHIC of certain members of the teaching staff - in particular Mandy, whose commitment to the job is exemplary. A fitness regime, as offered by Blackwood Fitness, should be part of life's routine.

Testimonial by Freda H

I have been member of Blackwood Fitness for the past 5 years and the service has been great. Lovely friendly atmosphere. Clean equipment generally kept in good repair. Good Staff.

Testimonial by Jim A


City Gym Health & Fitness Centre

City gym is owner operated since 1993! We cater for Group fitness activities, extensive free & pin loaded weights, cardio lounge and a lot more.

City Gym has evolved into many services including Natural body building, rehabilitation, weight loss, general health and well being which will give you a synergistic approach to attainable goals.

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city gym

City Gym Testimonials

"Best & friendliest gym in Adelaide, the staff are helpful and is a pleasure to be part of the furniture there since it opened in the early 1990's...Thank you & respect"


"Love this gym, staff helpful and friendly"



Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre

There are programs for baby boomers and retirees, teenagers and everyone in between, with over 60 classes per week. There's plenty of variety, from indoor cycling with RPM, yoga-based BODYBALANCE, high energy BODYATTACK to muscle-toning BODYPUMP.

The gym has equipment to work your entire body. Our instructors are on hand to design a tailored exercise program to help you reach your goals.

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marion fitness and leisure centre

Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre Testimonials

"I enjoy the friendly members and staff. I like to do classes because they are fun and different from just my regular workout. Love my PT sessions with Michael because he pushes me that little bit harder and I'm getting to the goals that I set, at the same time as having a laugh and some fun…"


"The staff and other club members inspire me every day. They are the happiest and friendliest people you could ever wish to meet. I may be a spritely 87 years but I'm as happy as I've ever been coming here for 3 gym sessions and 3 fitness classes each week. It's full of great people."



Healthworks Fitness Centre Marden

The Healthworks fitness centre Marden is open 7 days for your convenience. Our friendly staff welcome your enquiry and look forward to your visit in the near future. As a member, you will have access to the gym, cardio equipment, aerobic classes, personal training, yoga and more.

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health works

Healthworks Fitness Centre Testimonial

"It's hard work to start with, but once I made the commitment to stick with it, my life has transformed. Best decision I ever made, thanks to all the friendly staff and great atmosphere at Healthworks"


North Adelaide Fitness Centre

We offer the best equipment, the World's best fitness classes and programs to suit you, whether you want to lose weight, tone up or simply feel great.

Our services include, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Massage, Nutritionist/Naturopath, Weight Loss Programs, and Small Group Personal Training.

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north adelaide fitness

North Adelaide Fitness Centre Testimonials

"I would recommend that anyone who is looking to lose weight or just better themselves to take the challenge as the support and training I have received has been fantastic and I wouldn't have done it without them."


"Joining North Adelaide Fitness Centre and starting personal training is the best decision I ever made for my health."



Brighton Fitness Centre

Brighton Fitness staff have extensive industry knowledge and their leadership skills can guide and motivate you in your change.

Offering a team approach and a commitment to fun and fitness, their and extensive programs and facilities will provide you with the support necessary in working toward your goals.

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brighton fitness centre

Brighton Fitness Centre Testimonials

"I am really happy with Brighton Fitness. The staff are excellent, helpful and dedicated to their field. Other gyms in the area may sparkle and shine more but Brighton is SUPERIOR in QUALITY staff."


"I firmly believe that my level of fitness would not be as high as it is, if not for the encouragement and positive reinforcement I continually receive from the instructors and staff. I am approaching fifty, feel incredibly fit and I am the healthiest I have ever been."



Your World Fitness

Located in the heart of Adelaide CBD, we're providing a new meeting place for people seeking an alternative to the stereotyped corporate gyms and offering an extensive range of fun group classes with a relaxed, stylish, friendly and vibrant place to meet, train and catch up with friends.

Located in Adelaide CBD, we're offering four separate group exercise studios - Group X, Cycle, Mind & Body and Functional training. Our fun & very popular classes include Tummies, Bums and Thighs, Body Pump, Sh'bam, RPM, Body Step, Body Attack, AntiGravity Yoga, Pole Conditioning and a lot more.

Contact Details
27- 29 Young Street,
Adelaide CBD, South Australia
5000 - Australia

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your world fitness

Your World Fitness Testimonial

"Btw warrior workouts rock! In addition to boxing I'm getting an awesome tummy bum and thigh workout, THANKYOU"



Anytime Fitness - Adelaide, SA 24 hour gym

At Anytime Fitness Adelaide City, we fit your busy schedule and on-the-go lifestyle. At our health club, you can exercise anytime of the day or night using your own security-access key/card! That’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Talk about no more excuses! At Anytime Fitness Adelaide City, you will find amazing amenities--including the best fitness equipment available! Plus, our club has a friendly and supportive atmosphere, and we’re super clean, too! To help you get started, each new member receives a FREE personal fitness orientation!

Contact Details
251a Morphett St
Adelaide, SA 5000

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anytime fitness

Anytime Fitness Testimonials

"The best place to workout 24 hours a day"


"If you are serious about getting fit, well and having a new you, I thoroughly recommend Anytime Fitness. Never been to a gym before, had my first real session with Tom today, thought I was going to leave in a coffin, but you know what, if you don't do it, you have only yourself to blame if you walk around with unnecessary pain and discomfort that can be fixed without drugs LOL! Send the doctor packing and join."



Fernwood Gym Adelaide City

Fernwood Adelaide City is Adelaide’s premier all-female health club. Situated in the vibrant Rundle Mall, we are the city escape that corporate women have been looking for. A well-established club with great facilities and fully qualified staff, we offer our members the best in group fitness and well being programs. We are dedicated to empowering women to shine.

Contact Details
Level 7, 127 Rundle Mall
Adelaide, SA

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fernwood fitness

Fernwood Women's Fitness Gyms Testimonials

"After you reach 40, it's easy to think 'this is my lot in life'. But it is possible to turn things around with effort and concentration. I'll be happy to still be going to the gym in my 80s"


"People seem to have this idea that once you have children you cannot have an amazing figure. But with work you can be a healthy, beautiful, yummy mummy!"



Goodlife Health Clubs - Adelaide City

Adelaide City gym is located in the busy corporate environment of the Adelaide CBD. The Adelaide gym is one of the most unique clubs in Australia being located in a stunning 1860's colonial bank. Formerly a Fitness First, Goodlife Adelaide City features include a Spin/Cycle studio, a large selection of cardio equipment, a wide selection of Group Fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates and Les Mills. The club also offers services such as TRX Team Training, Personal Training, Physiotherapy, Massage and much more.

Contact Details
81 King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000

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goodlife health and fitness

Goodlife Health Clubs Adelaide City Testimonial

"I feel totally awesome and I only compete with myself, which is challenging enough lol. Love all these quotes you are putting up. Can't wait to get back to the gym on all the kids booked into the creche for the holidays. NO EXCUSES!!!!"

Yummy Mummy

Jetts Adelaide CBD

Basement Tenancy,
41 Currie St,
Adelaide, SA 5000
Phone: (08) 8231 0251



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Jetts Fitness Australia Testimonials

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than Jetts Freemantle member Bruce! With a successful background in Powerlifting, Martial Arts and Boxing, Bruce still holds some of Australia's Powerlifting records with a 317kg Squat, 210kg Bench press and an impressive 310kg Deadlift.

Competing 3-6 times a year overseas and over east landed Bruce 10 times Australian Powerlifting Champion as well as Mr West Coast 1980.

Bruce, the previous owner of North bridges first co-ed gym Golds has lost 11kgs since joining Jetts back in April!

Bruce truly is an inspirational bloke, and the Jetts Freemantle team are pumped to have him as a member.


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